Trailer for Let Me In, the U.S. remake

I recall a friend’s manic endorsement of the Swedish movie Let The Right One In when it came out in 2008, which, along with a glance at the synopsis, actually pushed me to postpone a viewing and read the book. As I understood it, Let The Right One In presented a haunting, unusual treatment of the vampire mythos – and I’ve already re-read Anne Rice more times than I’m willing to admit – so I wanted to experience the real deal.

I found the novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist, which he only wrote in 2004 (if only things could move this quickly for me if/when I get published), unfocused and difficult to get through – and it was in translation, which always irks me as a reader. Perhaps I was primed for something else from the author – I fear because of the current Twilight craze I hold my ears to – but the vampire elements took a backseat to a bloated cast of characters and endless angst from the human child protagonist. I am also leery of novels with child protagonists.

Anyway, only two years later, Cloverfield director Matt Reeves and Hammer Films are releasing a U.S. remake of the Swedish hit. The new trailer looks solid – like a faithful, though polished-up adaptation – but for some reason they renamed it Let Me In; I’m not sure why, as I actually loved the original title.

Watch the trailer for the ’08, Swedish Let The Right One In film after the jump, for your comparison…