In the hokey tradition of X-Men vs. Street Fighter, or the even more inclusive Marvel vs. Capcom, a new fighting game crossover is in the works: At San Diego Comic Con, Capcom announced (well, Namco as well, I suppose) the development of Street Fighter X Tekken. …I know. While it’s not due for two years or so, this clip below from the Con will tide me over for a while; seeing a Street Fighter-ified Nina Williams grappling Ryu while Kazuya twirls in for an electric uppercut, that’s plain incredible. I get why those guys are screaming. I do.

As you can see from the clip, the game will feature 2-vs.-2 fighting style. And while this game is obviously on Capcom’s court, the crossover will be a two-game deal: Namco will be releasing its own version, if a little later … which I’m not as excited about, but I’ll certainly buy it.

Now which characters from each roster will make the cut? Here’s hoping for Lei (Tekken) and C. Viper Street Fighter.