Video games based on movies have a deservedly horrible reputation; however, the Knights of The Old Republic games for XBOX and PC impressed me so much, I venture their events, characters and settings surpass anything George Lucas ever came up with. Yeah, I said it.

The D&D-style gameplay was well-executed, the customization and battles were both engaging in their own ways, but most of all, the installments – especially the sequel The Sith Lords (ah, so woefully rushed) – presented incredible sci-fi concepts… the Sith Triumverate? Particularly Kreia/Darth Traya? Trying to destroy The Force itself?

…but I should save my gushings for another post. I am happy a solid creative team is bringing back the Old Republic franchise, but I am infuriated it’s a god-damned MMORPG, meaning story takes a back seat to interacting with idiots on the Internet (no offense). Developers promised plot would remain front-and-center, but I think this new trailer, while it does reference the central character of Knights, Darth Revan, as well as the HK-47 assassin droid, reveals what the game will actually be like: blasting battles and fetch quests, with no real story surrounding the playable character and his entourage.

This frustrates me because the cinematic trailers for Old Republic, such as “Deceived” one embedded after the jump, capture that fantastic Star Wars essence, but the cinematics can never translate to an MMORPG’s gameplay.

Why doesn’t anyone realize this?