…and I will fall for the company’s latest money-sucker.

Is Capcom milking this franchise? Probably. Is it a strong enough game to support such obvious squeezing? Most definitely…at least for me. Since we all still have to wait for Tekken x Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Capcom has given its Super Street Fighter IV lovers a little download-able somethin-somethin.

Most notably, Yin and Yang from the arcade version will more than likely come to consoles. Yin and Yang, introduced in Street Fighter III are well and good as characters, but they already nosed their way into Street Fighter Alpha – are they that interesting? Now a SSF4 version of Elena, Q, R. Mika or (dare I say it and lose all credibility?) Skullomania – that would get me going…

Anyway, as far as new, downloadable costumes go, the clear winner is Chun Li’s original Street Fighter Alpha workout getup; and the clear loser is C. Viper‘s stupid nurse/lab-tech outfit.

The first set of costumes will be available (for however much Capcom feels like charging) on October 26; but the costumes will be released in stages (hence the milking), starting with meh-level characters Hakan, Makoto, Guy, Dudley and (ugh) Dee Jay.

Of course I’m waiting for the ladies (Chun-Li and Viper included) to come out in November.